Passion is Your Fuel and Gets You More Referrals

We often hear about the importance of pursuing your passions in life. Sometimes this can sound intimidating, challenging or like a luxury you don’t have time for. But what if you see yourself as a container of energy?

What fuels you and fills up that enthusiasm level for your life? It’s worth thinking over. What are the things you love to do?

For most of us it varies from quality time with friends and family, to time in nature or a creative outlet such as cooking, gardening, dancing, or music.

How can you do more of these things right now or schedule them for the near future?

What drains you and empties your enthusiasm? It’s helpful to know what the enemy looks like. This can range from daily challenges like traffic, lack of sleep or negative people to larger intangibles such as living with fear, guilt or a lack of clarity about what you really want in life. What can you start doing to address one of these?

Some Solutions to Increasing Your Awareness for Your Passions:

  1. Prioritize what you truly value: family, faith, making a difference, health, and persistence are all examples. Caution: This is revealed not by what you say you value but by how you actually spend your time. Start by looking at your planner.
  2. Move away from the energy drainers and towards what you value most. One excellent question to ask yourself is: If I were to start my life over today knowing what I know now, what would I do? What would I continue doing? What would I no longer be doing?
  3. Notice your habits and routines. Most results in life are a daily accumulation of what we do and how we think because they determine who we become as a person. For example, your health is usually a reflection of nutrition, rest and exercise over a long period of time impacted by your daily decisions in these areas.

Life will always present us problems. First you want to know what is causing the pain and what can bring the pleasure. Then continue your journey in life by daily making small steps towards a more fulfilling existence.

You are the brand and people buy you so your enthusiasm impacts everything.

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Author: Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority, Author of Fearless Referrals

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