10 Things I’ve Learned About Getting Referrals in 10 Years of Coaching Others

  1. Getting good at generating more and better referrals is a learned skill.

Anyone running a relationship business can learn it.

  1. It is often not as easy to make happen as we would like

Everybody in business development loves being recommended by someone else but you will need multiple strategies of asking, relationship building, networking, adding value and keeping top of mind are needed.

  1. Knowing isn’t doing

While understanding how to get referrals is not complicated, many people do not take the necessary action. See point one!

  1. Almost everyone has challenges about asking for what they want

It’s quite a confronting topic for some people because it brings up feelings of worthiness and self-doubt.

Unhelpful beliefs about asking for referrals will prevent you from growing so they have to be addressed and your mind has to embrace a new, empowering mindset that says ‘it’s silly not to ask.’

  1. Believe in how much you can help others

Interestingly, you don’t have to be the ‘best’ at what you do nor the most qualified. But you do have to believe that you can make a positive difference. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to do so?

  1. You do need to ask for what you want most of the time.

Most people are too busy and self-oriented to think about helping your business. It’s nothing to take personally!

  1. Just asking is not enough: you must be specific about what you want

This is the most important strategy of all. Take responsibility for letting others know which door you want opened so you never again hear ‘let me think about it’.

  1. Being specific is often not enough: coach others how to refer you best.

Most people do not know how to refer you, so help them feel more comfortable and competent doing so – otherwise they probably won’t.

  1. You become more confident, assertive and opportunistic

These are the rich rewarding traits you develop as you persist at developing this skill set more.

The more you practice, the more you discover that very often you get what you ask for when you make it easy for others and have language that is non-threatening.

  1. It’s an extremely rewarding and gratifying way to earn a living/pursue your passion

When you grow based on other people recommending you, it feels terrific.

So persist because the very fact that many others have got to this point means you can too.

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Author: Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority, Author of Fearless Referrals


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