Four Ways to Be More Persuasive

In his excellent book Persuasion, James Borg’s argues that becoming more persuasive is a learnable skill. Since life is all about people and how we deal with them, getting better at this is NOT about techniques and manipulating others, but rather about who you ARE as a person.Persuasive

This includes things such as how well you: listen, keep people’s attention, read non-verbal cues, recall information, deal with difficult people and say the right thing at the right time.

Our challenge is in unlearning bad habits and unhelpful ways of thinking.

1.  Show more empathy:
One of the big challenges in our culture is that we “are almost conditioned to expect” that others are trying to persuade us to do or believe what fits with THEIR agendas rather than ours. Think about that: this suggests that we are not very trusting. When we sense that someone truly empathises with us, “we can’t help but be receptive.” Continue Reading…

Five 21st Century Networking Tips

Since I’ve been busy building my new Coaching Gym, I have not a new piece this week but one you may not recall from 2011. What’s scary is how prophetic these ideas were then. They really forced me to look in the mirror and say: how well have I applied these?

I was recently reading Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World (2010) by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams.

They define wikinomics as “the art and science of collaborative innovation” Networkingand devote over 400 pages to global examples of how people have worked together with integrity and interdependence to achieve great things such as Wikipedia, car companies, and micro-lending communities.

Greater transparency/openness and collaboration in business are principles that are here to stay. Networked intelligence (which includes social media) is affecting governments (from wikileaks to mobile phone coverage exposing events in Iran and Syria), healthcare, education – almost all institutions – and your business! Continue Reading…

What is The Achiever Coaching Gym?

It’s not a gym for your physical workouts; it is is a fun, supportive, competitive environment where you are surrounded by 4-6 like-minded people all committed to excel and reach ambitious professional and personal goals.Vision sm

‘Workouts’ are facilitated by a coach using video conference so all participants are visible throughout the call.

The FOCUS is for you to perform like a high achiever to the best of your ability.

Once you grasp the mentality of a high achiever and you participate in the ‘gym’ like one, the results will come.

Excuses are not permitted (except for major life events). Continue Reading…

3 Questions That Help You Have More Loyal Clients

I spoke at an accounting conference recently in Texas where I also had the pleasure of seeing James Kane speak on loyalty – a word he says has been “hijacked”. What is SuccessAfricanAmericanmaledifferent about Kane is that he’s a neuroscientist so his findings are based on the science of what makes humans loyal rather than marketing research. His upcoming book is called The Loyalty Switch. He’s good!

I want to share what I learned that can be useful for you.

The Background:

Most people have four types of clients whether they want to admit it or not:

Hostile – “The minute something goes wrong, you are to blame.” Continue Reading…

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