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Could This Coaching ‘Gym’ Help You Reach More of Your Goals?

Here’s Why it Works So Well:

Its Motto: Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t (Jerry Rice)

  1. We assume that you have no idea what your full potential is and you want to find out.
  2. The gym is a fun, supportive, competitive environment where you are surrounded by 4-6 like-minded people all committed to excel.
  3. Workouts are facilitated by a coach using video conference so all participants are visible throughout the call
  4. The FOCUS is for you to perform like a high achiever to the best of your ability. This includes establishing a CLEAR direction.
  5. Once you grasp the mindset of a high achiever and you participate in the gym like one, the results will come.
  6. What is ‘normal’ for you will change and that will lead to a bigger life. Continue Reading…

On What Three Occasions Did You Feel Most Alive – and Most YOU?

On What Three Occasions Did You Feel Most Alive – and Most YOU?

Last week I urged you to work on defining what success is for you. It is too easy to pursue marketers’ and popular media’s definitions of so-called success, but now more than ever you want to have the confidence to listen to your voice, your wisdom and your guidance. Don’t worry about what other people think (who, by the way, aren’t spending any time thinking about you anyway!).Matt in 2012

One great question that can steer and inspire you is what you’ve already done that was great.

On What Three Occasions Did You Feel Most Alive – Most YOU?

1.    Write down a few highlight moments in your life and then pick the top 3. Continue Reading…

What is your definition of success?

What is your definition of success?

“Your definition of success influences every other significant decision in your life.” Robert Holden

How much time have you spent defining what success is for you?

Most people appear to be crazy busy. Indeed, if an alien from another planet visited, it would



make the logical assumption that most of this busyness had a remarkable royal purpose – to move all these incredibly busy people towards some crucial outcome, some incredible pinnacle of achievement and success.

So it is quite astonishing to think that hardly anyone has defined what success is for themselves.

How can you chase something as important as a successful life if you haven’t defined what that is? That’s like spending your life driving around intensely without ever looking to see which direction you’re going in. Continue Reading…

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

Go somewhere where you can think in peace to answer this question and write your heart out.
Please!Snow climbing to success

This has been my favourite question for easily 20 years. As far back as I can remember I would respond by saying “I’d be married and have children.” This level of commitment scared me so much. Unfortunately for well over a decade I did not know why I was making little progress nor did I know how I was getting in my own way.

It did not work simply to set a goal such as “Meet Ms. Right by May 31st, marry the following year by August 31st and have two children by Dec 31st four years later!” Continue Reading…

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