Love, Ouzo and the New Business Ebola

Having travelled to Canada, Greece, Detroit and the UK in the past three weeks, I wanted to share some useful professional and personal lessons I had.

1. Act like you’ve already met your goals before you start prospecting

Now this isn’t what I was told when I spent some time with the perennial top producer for MetLife in Greece, but it’s what I took away. He said that he tried to reach his production goal as quickly as possible because “after that, business is so easy to get because you don’t need it. And people pick up on whether you’re needy or not.” Acropolis Museum 2014

I think we’re all supposed to be playing a game. And the game is that if we are responsible for more sales, we pretend that we’re independently wealthy people and are just doing our work as a hobby because we like helping people.

His real point was that your approach and attitude are different when you don’t need the business. So for those of you who DO ‘need’ it, at least be more aware of how you’re coming across with people.

2. Texting is the best way to get a quick response from people

After speaking at an event in Winnipeg last month, Kevin Toney, a marketing coach, cited some compelling statistics. These are not exact numbers but the gist is that about 1 in 4 emails are read, 7 in 10 phone calls go to voice mail but well over 80% of texts are read within 10 minutes.

I can attest to the value of texts this year as I’ve used them far more to keep in touch with much of my closest network and clients and it has definitely deepened relationships – which can only be good for business. Continue Reading…

3 Ways to Shut Down Negative Thinking

If you are on the quest to get your PQ (Positive Intelligence) over 75 so you can drastically improve your chances of fulfilling your potential, join the club.AntiNegativeThinking

If you are honest enough with yourself to know you either beat yourself up or know your thoughts gravitate too much towards the unhelpful, keep reading too.

While you need to be an optimist to begin with to make it in sales/business development/being self-employed, most people are still going to fall short in achieving what they really want.

What to do differently:

1. When you have a negative thought which includes being critical of yourself, others or circumstances, by far the most important thing to do is to catch it – notice it. You will likely be shocked how often your inner ‘judge’ says something (miserable) to you! Continue Reading…

21 Ways to Reach Your Goals By Dec. 31st

1. Create Your Own Definition of Success

Are you chasing something you haven’t identified clearly? It is very easy to fall into the trap Number 21of assuming that making more money is the answer to almost all of your problems and will bring you more happiness. Yet there is no research that supports this once people earn beyond $30,000/year.

Surely you want a definition that becomes a target to aim at each day (your purpose really) and, preferably, so you can feel success every day even if you are aiming for the stars. Maybe you end up changing your goals with the clarity of what’s really important to you.

2. Know Your One Thing Continue Reading…

Positive Intelligence: The Fastest Way to Increase Your Achievement

Most people today live in relatively constant distress and anxiety.” Can you relate and wouldn’t you love to change it?

In his inspiring new book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours, Shirzad Chamine (Chairman of CTI – the largest coach-training organization in the world) argues that most people do not achieve their full potential because too many negative thoughts of self-doubt and criticism slow them down and hold them back.

He argues that your positive intelligence (PQ) rating needs to be 75/100 or higher = three positive thoughts for every negative one.

(If you’re wondering what your PQ is now, there’s a free two-minute test on his site:

The book outlines the three strategies you need to work on to speed up reaching your potential:
1. Weaken your mental Saboteurs
2. Strengthen what he calls the ‘Sage’ part of your brain
3. Strengthen your PQ brain muscles Continue Reading…

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